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At Apropos, we take pride in our ability to screen and present candidates that are best-suited for our clients. We provide high-impact services to our clients in the private and the public sectors, including top tier universities. Our high quality vetting process will ensure that we provide the right candidate for your project – one who has the right skills and experience and more importantly, a proven track record that we can personally vouch for. And all this we do, at a very low margin, that will help your bottom line.

We do realize that firms in our niche market are a dime a dozen these days. So what differentiates us from hoards of other so-called  'consulting firms'? For one, we are a team of IT professionals, who have been candidates not too long ago. We have occupied mid-level and senior-level analytical and managerial positions at a variety of public and private firms, ranging from start up biotech companies to Ivy league schools and Fortune 500 companies. So we know what it takes to be a winner in this field. To select our candidates, we follow a three-pronged vetting process:

a. Attitude: IT projects are fast-paced, and most of the time, run on strict, condensed timelines. So, having the courage and ability to tackle challenging work environments is of paramount importance. Towards this objective, we look for self-motivated and driven individuals with a positive attitude. We strongly believe that it takes such an individual to succeed in this field.

b. Team-orientation: Projects are implemented in teams. One has to interact with individuals from varied technical, educational, cultural and work backgrounds and communication is key in this process. The ability to articulate your ideas to members at all levels is very important and we look for this quality in candidates.

c. Technical skills: The above two qualitiies, obviously, would be of no use without the right set of technical skills to complement them. Hence, we probe deeply into the candidates' technical acumen. We don't just rely on the theoretical knowledge pool highlighted in their resumes, but also test their ability to use that knowledge in a practical manner and their ability to come up with innovative approaches to the problem at hand.

As is evident from our wish list above, we have set high standards for ourselves and our candidates. While it may be challenging to find a candidate with all the desired qualities at all times, we will still do a thorough job in our screening and customize our approach on a case-by-case basis based on the project's and the client's requirements.  

We have a far-reaching network of candidates whom we have trained or have worked with. In addition, we have established ongoing working relationships with a few strategic partners whose scope of work and vision are complementary to ours. Because of these two valuable resources, nine out of ten candidates we recommend, are ones that we or our strategic partners either personally know or have worked with or trained. Unlike most of the 'recruiters' who just throw darts into the ocean of candidates to select random recruits, we already know a good deal about the candidate and their skill sets before we even take them into consideration for the position in hand.
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