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Our core mission is to provide talented and proven human resources in the information technology area to our clients in the public and private sectors and top-tier universities. Our network of competent partners and trainees allows us the accomplish our goal in a timely and cost-effective manner.

More recently, when opportunities present themselves, we have branched ourselves into other areas such as developing and improving customized IT solutions, especially those related to SAP. Many a times, organizations have small to mid-sized issues that are too small to be a 'project' (and involve a large consulting firm) and yet, are important enough that they be resolved soon. We have successfully undertaken such issues at some of our clients and have presented them with innovative, timely and cost-effective solutions. Our consultants analyze the problem thoroughly, and because of the breadth of their experience, they are able to come up with smart and efficient solutions.

Our Approach

1. Understand and Analyze the problem through a SWOT / Business Impact Analysis

2.  Propose one (or many a times) or several solutions that the client can choose from

3. Implement the final solution

4. Test the implemented solution rigorously

4. Document the whole process from start to finish (for the client's future reference)

Big or small, we take all our projects seriously and put in a concerted effort to ascertain timely completion. Our past clients have been extremely pleased with our work and we hope to continue this with other projects in the future as well. Contact us if you need testimonials from our past clients or need additional information.



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